• Nablus Under Curfew

    Nablus Under Curfew

    In November 2002, Nablus endured one of the longest military curfews of the Isreali-Palestinian conflict. These images focus on the effect of the curfew and incursion on the youth of the city. In this image Palestinian teenagers throw rocks at an Israeli tank patrolling the city center of Nablus.

  • Dua' Saghl, 7 years old, displays a picture she drew for an assignment to "illustrate the occupation" in her first grade class in Hawash Basic School for Girls in Nablus.

  • A Palestinian girl walks past an Israeli tank on her way to school. When the curfew was first imposed, children had difficulty attending their classes.

  • A young Palestinian woman passes under an Israeli soldier at a checkpoint. The military set up numerous checkpoints in and around Nablus and other West Bank cities.

  • Kawkab Bassam Arafat, crawls into her house through a hole made by the Israeli army to allow soldiers to pass from one neighborhood to another through a series of homes.

  • Salah Bushcar, whose brother carried out a suicide bombing, stands in the rubble of his home after the Israeli military demolished it. The home of his neighbors was also damaged.

  • Sajed Hamdan plays with his toy gun and the gun of a Palestinian militant in the Old City of Nablus.

  • Naseem Massri, 13 years old, recovers at Rafidia Hospital after being shot in the foot by the Israeli milittary. He has decorated his wall with posters of Palestinian martyrs.

  • Family and friends carry the body of Jihad Faqeeh, 8 years old, through the graveyard during his burial after he was shot by the Israeli military when he was throwing rocks at a tank.

  • A Palestinian boy comforts another as they leave the burial of their peer, Emran Al-Shilah, 16 years old, who was shot by the Israeli army during street clashes.